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Cambridge Primary

Discover IWS Online School, your gateway to a comprehensive Cambridge Primary International Curriculum tailored for primary students. Our accredited UK-based virtual school is currently undergoing the authorization process with Cambridge Assessment International Education.

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Cambridge Middle

At IWS Online School, Middle level Education commences at age 11, culminating with students undertaking the prestigious Cambridge I/GCSE exams. This educational journey encompasses two distinct phases: Middle (spanning the initial three years) and I/GCSE (comprising two years). Upon successful completion, students will be well-prepared to embark on their A-Level studies.

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Cambridge I/GCSE

Enrol in our two-year programme, a vital pathway to obtaining globally recognized and accredited Cambridge certifications. This esteemed qualification is widely accepted by renowned universities and employers worldwide, serving as a powerful catalyst for both academic and professional advancement, ensuring your success on a global scale.

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Cambridge A Level

The A-Levels we offer hold global recognition from esteemed universities and leading employers, significantly enhancing our students' prospects of gaining admission to their desired institutions and securing positions in top organisations.

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