Summer Adventures

iVA Summer School: Where Learning Transforms into Adventure

Embark on a journey of transformative learning experiences at iVA Summer School, where academic excellence seamlessly melds with unforgettable adventures.


At iVA Summer School, we are steered by a singular, resolute purpose: to imbue the youth with enriching learning journeys that reach well beyond the confines of the classroom. Our principles stand as the bedrock of all our endeavours, shepherding us in our pledge to distinction, inclusiveness, and individual advancement. 

About iVA Summer School

iVA Summer School is wholly committed to delivering pupils a vibrant and rewarding educational odyssey. Our purpose stands firm in nurturing a varied collective of scholars, championing scholastic brilliance, worldwide cognisance, and the honing of pivotal life competencies. Through our courses, our ambition is to galvanise the youth, endowing them with the assuredness and acumen crucial for forging a more luminous tomorrow.


Embark on Your Educational Voyage: Skills, Academic Excellence, Language, STEM/Maths and Custom Plans.

Roehampton University, London


Dive into a world where academia intertwines with unforgettable experiences at the University of Roehampton in London.

Tonbridge School, Kent

Skills Evolution

We’re on a mission to instil vital life skills in our students.

Huddersfield, Manchester

Linguistic & Cultural Odyssey

Embark on a linguistic journey set amidst the backdrop of British culture. Deep dive into the world of language, exploring the diverse ...

Tonbridge School, Kent

STEM and Maths Olympiad Preparation

Delve into a stimulating journey where academic prowess meets world-class competition preparation at Tonbridge School in Kent.

Customised Summer Plans at iVA Summer School

At iVA Summer School, we recognise that every student possesses unique aspirations and passions. This understanding has led us to introduce Customised Summer Plans, enabling parents and students to handpick a combination of programmes that perfectly resonate with their academic ambitions and individual interests.

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