Strategies for Successful Online Group Projects at IWS

20 June, 2023


Online group projects are a great tool in education and are very useful to boost the collaboration and communication among your students.

However, in online education it can be challenging when you must deal with different time zones or cultures all over the world that can make collaboration not as effective.

At IWS, we help our students face those challenges and be more productive following these strategies.

Creating clear communication channels

At IWS, our students use the chat tool that our learning platform provides to have an open and transparent communication. They can also use the message tools within the platform to ask questions and provide updates to their teachers.

Setting realistic goals and timelines

We always set a deadline that we share through our platform so our students have real goals and can work on their project based on that.

Promoting a culture of collaboration

In our school we encourage our students to participate, that’s why we have a system of badges and points so when they participate during online sessions, they receive a compensation. That creates an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions and contributing to the project’s development. 

Establishing regular online meetings

We usually schedule regular online meetings. During these meetings our students can discuss their progress and work as a team to brainstorm ideas and overcome any challenge they have.

Encourage peer feedback and evaluation

At IWS, we promote a culture of constructive feedback among our students. We would like them to feel participants of their own evaluation, being able to have an opinion on their colleague’s work.

Online group projects can be challenging but at IWS we try to make our students face those challenges and be more productive, to submit a more effective work and create a multicultural working environment.

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