Planting trees and growing together

04 July, 2023


At IWS, our main mission is to empower our children to achieve their dreams and create a great future through education. However, education involves more than just speaking different languages and being able to solve difficult equations. We also know that nature and the world where we live is very important and that is why we must contribute to safeguarding the world. In our school we want our students to understand the importance of our ecosystems and what are the little steps they can do to help preserve them. 

The alarming current situation

Since the 1990s, the alarming loss of forests and illegal logging has had far-reaching consequences that have threatened the lives of countless animals and other species. This is also an impact to the future of the youngest ones so we should start acting now.

Another threat over the past decades that is affecting our forests and wildlife is climate change. A lot of landscapes and forests have been dangerously impacted by fires, heavy rains, and other meteorological conditions due to the situation we are living in our planet. In addition, the human presence in activities such as illegal logging also continue exploiting forest resources.

How can we help?

We know that reforestation is essential for safeguarding these ecosystems and helping on the conservation of our forests. The presence of trees is essential for our lives because they can offer resources such as wood, food, or medicines. To make reforestation accessible to our students so they can take part in this little but big change to our planet, we have partnered with Tree Nation, a global reforestation platform that allows individuals and organizations to contribute to reforestation projects worldwide. With Tree Nation you will have the opportunity to make some change to the world and help restore and protect our forests.

We are starting this campaign today and that is why we are sharing how some members of the IWS Staff have already started planting some trees. So please join us in this adventure and be part of the change!

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