Gifted and Talented Programme

Our online school gives exceptionally smart and talented students a global platform to enhance their skills. 

Empowering Gifted & Talented Students with the Right Opportunities 

Gifted and talented learners are IWS students who demonstrate exceptional intellectual development and potential to achieve academic success faster than peers.  Our Cambridge international school provides specialised provisions for these individuals. We create a supportive and nurturing environment for them to facilitate their progress. 

IWS does this by: 

  • Building a supportive environment to promote a growth mindset in gifted learners 
  • Appreciating students who express themselves creatively through writing, performance arts or inventions 
  • Improving self-awareness and encouraging these students to focus on personal and intellectual development 
  • Facilitating a high level of thinking through analytical and problem-solving activities 
  • Creating a safe space for students to share knowledge and exchange ideas with teachers and peers

In addition to this, we acknowledge their need for a challenge. It is why we create mentally stimulating activities to accommodate their unique educational requirements. At times these students will receive class assignments and homework that are relatively more challenging. The extra effort ensures that they aren’t forced to work on assignments below their level of learning. 

Group of Students in Art Class

Opening Digital Pathways for Gifted and Talented Students 

We encourage gifted learners to participate in academic competitions on a global forum. Most events focus on STEM skills, while others promote creative thinking and artistic capabilities. 

Here are some international competitions that IWS students can participate in: 

  • Owlypia ( The Intellectuals’ Challenge) 
  • Maths without Borders 
  • UK Maths Trust (UKMT) Challenge 
  • American Maths Competition 
  • World Scholars Cup
  • Pangea World Math Competition

In this way, these students get a chance to test their knowledge and skills in front of an international audience. Plus, they meet equally talented and capable children from other schools and colleges. 

These interactions allow them to meet children who share similar interests and aspirations. They can use this opportunity to expand their social interwork and become active members of different academic societies. 

On the whole, these events open new avenues for G & T students to showcase their brilliance and learn something beyond classroom education. 

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