Assessment and Reporting

Conducting regular student assessments to gauge their understanding and engagement of the course contents


At IWS, our teachers use various assessment techniques to allow students and their parents/guardians to stay on top of their academic progress. Regular assessments also help to identify the areas learners may require and receive additional help and support. 

Including an assessment guide in future lesson planning allows teachers to better support children’s learning journeys. By consistently monitoring students’ progress, we put the necessary intervention measures to boost their confidence for examinations as we expertly use the standards set by the Cambridge International Assessment. 

We use high-quality formative and summative assessments to prepare students for the rigours of the IGCSE and A-level exams. The benefits of our techniques are as follows: 

  • Support and promote learning 
  • Provide clear and consistent feedback 
  • Identify learning targets
  • Accommodate various learning styles
  • Foster a motivated and empowered learning community 

Creating Rapport 

At IWS, our team is committed to maintaining a positive relationship with parents and guardians. We keep them updated on their children’s academic progress and pastoral matters by delivering detailed termly reports at the end of each term.

Parents and carers are also invited to contact teachers or school staff members with any questions or concerns. They may call, send a text message, email, or request a one-on-one discussion with a school member. We believe a school should be a supportive community where there is strong communication.

Our Pastoral Care team will also take the initiative to contact you if extra support is required. 

Apart from these, parents can check up on and monitor students’ progress at any time on the online parent portal, which is a part of our learning management system. This is accessible via a browser or a dedicated Google Play and Apple app. The app provides push notifications whenever a teacher assigns homework, schedules an assessment, or announces an important event.  

To further promote the community based online school there will also be one formal parent-teacher meeting per year. Moreover, we have special policies to recognise, appreciate and encourage high-performing students. We award badges, certificates, honour, and high-honour diplomas to learners based on their academic and pastoral achievements.

Please reach out to us for more information on our assessment and reporting standards.  

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